Medieval Reenactment

If you’re looking at this page, then you either don’t know what re-enactment is, or do know and haven’t run away!

In either case, we would be very happy to meet you, and for you to come and see what we are about!

If I had to contain this strange and expansive hobby into a short series of paragraphs, I would draw your attention to the weekends, where in Markeaton Park, we practice our unique brand of competitive combat. Or perhaps I would muse upon the mid-week, when we all meet up and spend time in good company, learning how to make everything from 12th century clothing, down to the smallest items like jewellery all the way up to real and functional siege equipment.

But don’t just take the words of a simple and honest website! You could ask any of the students who are a part of this society, or any of the students from other universities whom are all a part of this strange and fantastic hobby.

Other universities? I’m glad you asked! When the summer starts, and your lectures are all over, the stress of exams fading, and dissertations a distant memory, come join the friends you’ve spend the year with, as we head to any number of castles up and down the country, to put everything into practice for real!

For more information, please re-read.

(Or alternatively Look over there -> there should be some contact details)