Pool & Snooker

We are the Pool and Snooker Society. We want you to join us for a great time, whether you're a complete beginner or you are a household name! 

We are guys and girls of mixed ability looking to have a bit of fun, with the option of being competitive and partaking in tournaments, both internal and external. No matter what your ability, we will actively encourage you to play competitively, though you can just play socially should you wish. If you like the competitive side to pool, teams will be formed for each competition.

Our home turf is now The Corn Exchange pool hall in the City Centre, only 5 minutes away from most halls, and we meet every 2 weeks for official get-togethers. However, pool tables in halls are FREE and so we can use them for extra socials, as well as practice of course! Competitions and socials are being organised as we speak! 

With our new committee, we have rejuvenated the whole society to give you more than ever.

We are looking to make the most out of university life. This means that on top of the sport, there will be society socials, both drunk and sober. Though you are of course welcome to consume a beverage or 3 whilst playing normally at the Corn Exchange.

Our society has had a huge makeover this year, so make the most of your year at university. DO NOT MISS OUT with what we have to offer.

For more info visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which are all active. Do not hesitate to contact us! (we are a friendly, promise).

Fancy showing us what you've got? Come on down to join the official team to take on other universities from around the country! Pool and Snooker is calling, will you answer?