Archery is truly a sport for all. Regardless of your fitness or ability, we can accommodate for you! Whether you’re a Master Bowman or have never shot an arrow in your life, our club can offer you an environment to suit your needs. With regular sessions indoors and out, with Coaching you can build your performance and compete for the team. Or it may just be an opportunity to let out some frustration! Practice coupled with our love of social events makes us one of the most determined and fun loving clubs around.

Once you’re a member of Athletic Union* the cost to join the Archery club is £45. You contribute to cost of equipment for the year, competition fees, coaching and insurance that will cover you in other clubs!

Training 2017/2018

Our beginners sessions are at the University sports centre on
Saturday 23rd September 3.30-5                     Saturday 30th September 3.30-5
Saturday 7th October 3.30-5                            Sundays 8th October 11-12.30 

Any sessions after this occur Saturdays 3.30-5 and Sunday 11-12.30, however we ask that you come to at least 3 beginners sessions before any of these, if this is not possible please message ourselves and we can help with this. 

You can contact us on our Facebook page or email the club on

*Membership with Athletic Union costs £17