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Ever fancied being the next Robin Hood, Green Arrow, Katniss, Hawk-Eye or Merida and many more?

Archery is an inclusive club, welcoming all students and staff of the Union of Students! We accommodate all members regardless of experience. We offer both social and competitive opportunities, so you can enjoy the type of archery you want to participate in. Your membership with us also includes Archery GB membership, allowing you to join all clubs in the UK!

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What is Archery?

Archery, as a sport, has been practiced for hundreds of years developing from the traditional style wooden bows, such as the English Longbow, all the way through to the modern, high-tech bows that you see in events like the Olympics. The club focuses on the more mainstream "Recurve" target shooting, although Barebow, longbow and Compound archers are also welcome.

Modern target archery entails shooting arrows at a target with modern bows, using high-tech solutions to promote accuracy, such as advanced modern materials and highly precise engineered equipment. The sport caters for every level of skill and budget to help you enjoy your shooting to the max.



A Social club

The University of Derby Archery Club (UDAC) has also offered social events in the past with movie nights and pub quizzes to name a few. We have also arranged seasonal events such as halloween themed archery events to Christmas dinner! Information regarding social events will be announced through our social media platforms as well as through email.

Social event

Events & Competition

Competition is an important part of modern archery and UDAC will cater to both casual and competitive archers.

For those who want to compete in the sport, we will aim to either attend competitions, where we can, or hold internal competitions throughout the year. We are planning to compete in BUCS indoor and potentially outdoor events, which is the national competition for universities and is the national stage for student archers. Archery event

Archers shooting

get involved

Want to get involved? We have several ways you can enter the sport of Archery. Our main suggestion is to attend our free Give-It-A-Go sessions to see if you would like the sport. If you have already decided to get involved, sign up using the Union website (click the join club button).

Give-it-a-go sessions

Give-It-A-Go sessions allow you to try out Archery before you jump into the sport. They are free of charge and they are a great way to see if the sport is right for you. We also provide equipment, so all you have to do is keep an eye out for the next one on your instagram!*Give-it-a-go session

*Give-It-A-Go sessions typically take place within the first few weeks of each semester. 

beginner's courses

The Beginner's Course is a requirement for all new archers to participate in the sport, as it is a regulatory requirement of ArcheryGB. These courses will run over a number of sessions after the Give-It-A-Go and will cost a very competitive £5. It will teach you the fundamentals of Archery, show you how to use a modern recurve bow and range safety, so that you can enjoy the sport to the fullest, while keeping yourself and others safe.


The University indoor facilities are the venue of choice for the club, allowing all year round shooting centralised on the Campus for the convenience of club members. We aim to meet twice a week for training during the indoor season*. In good weather, we can shoot outdoors in the spring to summer months. We also have access to external facilities from time to time should we need them.

Derby university Sports Centre


Sports centre indoor range


Training times (provisional)

Day Place Time Details
Saturday Ked Sports Centre 3PM-5PM Beginner's course and Experienced



Beginner's course


Don't worry if you miss or cannot attend a cerain session(s). Talk to committee about it and we'll find a solution to help complete your course.  

Fees & Pricing

Item Price Description
Sports Union Pass £20 A requirement to join any Sports Union Club.
Membership £50


  • Gain access to all training sessions for the year. (about £2 a week!)
  • Includes all equipment hire
  • Includes coaching in sessions
  • Includes access to social and group activities.   
ArcheryGB (insurance) Inclusive in membership (for students) Normally £16, but included for UDAC members, also allowing you to shoot with any archery club in the UK! If you are not a student, then you will have to pay for ArcheryGB seperately.
Beginner's Course £5 An ArcheryGB regulatory requirement for new archers. This is needed if you are new to archery and will teach you the basics with a qualified coach!.


Contact us

You can contact us on our Instagram @teamderbyarchery or email us: Aim, shoot, repeat