Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Joining the Club

Before joining the club you can come to a free taster session to decide if it's for you, If you want to continue training then you can join the club via this page.

Joining the club entitles members to:

  • All Training Sessions per week
  • Access to all social events


Training regularly in Brazilian jujitsu is both fun and beneficial in all areas of health. You will quickly experience improvements in both your fitness and health that in turn improves your overall feeling of well being. Over time as your skill in BJJ improves your confidence and self defence ability will grow. As well as physical improvement BJJ, the impact on positive will improve in areas such as happiness, self confidence, self control and socially bjj open up so many pathways, Jiu-Jitsu is like a big family.


You can contact us on our facebook dm or via Instagram at UOD.BJJ 


Training Timetable

Our training sessions are held in Kirtley Hall. The sessions are held weekly every: 

  • Tuesday 8PM - 10PM

For those interested in further/external MMA training, we have a partnership with Derby MMA where you can do extra BJJ lessons and/or striking/MMA lessons.

  •   Wedenesday 6PM - 7PM MMA/Striking (£4)
  •   Wednesday 7PM - 8:30PM (£4) 
  •  (£7 for both lessons if done consecutively) 

Training Fees

Our training fees for 2023/2024 are below.

After joining the athletic union (£20) your training can be paid for in one of three ways:

  • Pay each session (£4 a class)
  • Pay an annual fee (£20 for the BJJ membership and £20 for the athletic union) to train for £40. 

The annual price for the University year is £40 all in all