Welcome to Derby Ravens

The official cheerleading squad representing the University of Derby.

Who are we?

Our focus is on competitive cheerleading, and we participate in competitions across the UK. As a team, we are one big family that learns and trains together, while also enjoying many social events.

We offer three teams that you can be part of:

Competition Team

Our coaches select 20-30 members at the beginning of the year during tryouts to compete in a Level 2 routine at competitions for two and a half minutes. It's a great group to join if you want to do cheerleading frequently and attend all of the competitions. It is also an excellent opportunity to make lifelong friends and take a break from university stress.

Stunt Team

The stunt groups range from levels 1-3 and are selected based on your ability. Our trained coaches select 4/5 athletes to perform in each pod, which then participates in a competition. Each pod creates its one and a half minute stunt performance with the assistance of our coaches. There are many opportunities for all of the stunt groups to perform in other events throughout the year as well!

Pep Team

Everyone can join this social team, regardless of ability. You will perform several routines throughout the year at our most popular social events, including "Classified" and Varsity! We showcase skills ranging from level 1 to level 4. We train on Thursdays to prepare routines for all upcoming performances. We also have social nights once a week that have themes.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for friendly, supportive, and positive members! You don't need any experience as our excellent coaches will help you learn new skills. We want individuals who love being part of a team as much as we do, with the willingness to learn and improve. The Derby Ravens is a happy, open team, so if you have any further questions, please reach out to us on any of our social media platforms, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our Year at a Glance

Give it a go

During Freshers Fair Week, you will get the chance to have a go at cheering with us. No matter your experience, you will get involved with Stunts, Jumps and Tumbles. It will be a fun, friendly and laid back session for you to see what being a Raven is all about.


Soon after Freshers Week we run tryouts. This helps us to select the right people for the right teams. Everyone gets a say in which team they would prefer to be on. Tryouts are run like a normal training session, they are friendly, fun and laid back. Every is offered a place on Pep, whether they tryout or not.

American Dream

This is an American themed event that takes place in Popworld. We learn the routine in Pep sessions and perform it to other societies and students. It’s a big hit and everyone goes out after.


This is an Army themed event that takes place in Popworld. We learn the routine in Pep sessions and perform it to other societies and students. It’s a big hit and everyone goes out after.

Christmas Dinner

The Christmas dinner is a chance to celebrate and dress up before the Christmas Break. We have a sit down meal and go out together after.


Varsity is a Sports Competition with Hertfordshire University. Each year we take it in turns to visit the Uni and compete in different sports. This year Hertfordshire Uni is visiting us. We prepare a big routine to show off our skills and get to create a pyramid with both teams. We then support the rest of the teams through the day.

Competition Season

The Competition and Stunt Teams work hard throughout the year to create routines that are then performed across the UK during this Season. The Competition Squad will attend three Competitions and the Stunt Groups will attend two Competitions.


This is an optional holiday open to anyone on the Team. Last year we went to Spain for 5 days. Lots of different societies all went together. We showed off our cheer skills as well has had a go at different sports. It was lots of fun and you make friends for life.

Cheer Awards

At the end of the Academic Year we host Cheer Awards. Every member is invited and everyone will receive an award for their time on our team. It’s a great chance to look back at all we have accomplished throughout the year as well as a great excuse for dressing up.


  • Most inclusive club of the year 2020
  • Club of the year 2020
  • 1st place at ICE x3 2022
  • 2nd place Uni Nationals BCA 2023
  • 3rd place at Future Cheer 2022
  • Gold Club Development Award 2023

Training Times

Squad Time

5:30pm-7:00pm Thursday 

Sports Hall


9:00pm-10:00pm Thursday

Kirtley Hall


8:00pm-10:00pm Monday

7:00pm-9:00pm Thursday 

Kirtley Hall


Purchase Cheerleading Add-Ons

  • Uniform - Bow£10.00
  • Socialwear - Tshirt£5.00
  • Cheerleading Stunt Membership Top-Up£20.00
  • Cheerleading Competitive Membership Top-Up£20.00
  • Cheerleading - Union Training Top£5.22
  • Uniform - Top£85.00
  • Uniform - Skort£35.00
  • Cheerleading - 2024 Tour T-Shirt£15.00