We are the Team Derby Ravens and represent the University in the world of competitive Cheerleading. Don't know what it is? 

Cheerleading is no longer just the Highscool cliché we all know. We rarely use pom poms, instead we create routines that are easy on the eye and hard to perform. In our routines we cover areas such as stunting, building pyramids, tumbling and of course a little bit of dancing. As a cheerleader you'll perform at competitions, University events such as open days and Christmas parties, or at our own social events such as "Classified" and "Bring It On!". 

Not only have we won many trophies in the last year, including a third place at University Nationals and at the Internaional Competition ICC, but this sport is all about being a team and supporting the family vibe we represent. Our aim is to make University an incredible experience and share our passion with every newcomer who wants to join!


We have three teams you can choose from, and don't worry, they are all linked through our social events:

1. Competition Squad: This team is selected by our trained coaches at the beginning of the season during Try-Outs. This team competes at the competitive Cheerleading competitions nationwide throughout the season.

2. Social Squad: This team performs several routines throughout the year at our social events such as "Classified" and Varsity, the sports highlight of the year. With our Social Squad we will be performing at other events, such as a Cancer Charity Event in Derby. The social team is open to anyone!

3. Groupstunt: If you feel like trying the competitive side of Cheerleading without too much commitment, then this is for you. At the beginning of the year our coaches will assign you to your very own groupstunt, with which you can compete at competitions alongside our comp squad and perform at events like Varsity. This is open to anyone! 

Many of our members become friends for life, and continue to be so, well after University finishes! So don't be shy and come join our squad! The Cheerleading community is an open and happy one, so if you have any further questions pop us a message on any of our Social Media or E-Mail. We will be sure to contact you as soon as possible.

Last but not least, 

Training Times:

Monday - 8-10pm (Competition)

Tuesday - 8-10pm (Competition)

Thursday - 6-7pm (Groupstunt)

                   - 7-9pm (Social)