Scrutiny Panel

Scrutiny Panel is an event where our full-time Officer Trustees and Student Officers are ‘scrutinised’ on their work and progress towards their manifesto aims. The officers will go through their recent work and explain their progress to a panel of six volunteers selected from the Education, Equality & Diversity, Sports, and Societies Councils. These panelists will ask questions in relation to the Officer's work, progress, and manifestos.

All University of Derby students are invited to attend. As an audience member, you have an opportunity to ask questions of the Officers, or call any of the Officers to the panel to give a report. This can be done for example if it is felt an Officer isn’t fulfilling their duties.

At the end of the panel, the six chosen panelists will stay in a closed session and will vote on whether the Officers and anyone called to give a report has made ‘sufficient progress’. If they have not, relevant steps will be taken.

Next Panel – 10th Oct, 10.00am

This Scrutiny Panel may be recorded for our records.

Agenda TBC