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    Union Part time officer for Mature Students

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    I feel as a Mature student myself that we are under represented in the university. The University of Derby is very diverse and around 30% of students are over 25. I believe it is a good time to create a new role within our union so that the voices of the mature students will be heard.
Victoria Dickerson
10:45pm on 18 Oct 18 I agree, there seem to be quite a few mature students around and I'm surprised there isn't one already. There are some issues which effect mature students more than others and we need a voice!
Samantha Hilton
6:03pm on 21 Oct 18 I couldn't agree more!
Sara Rose
9:47pm on 22 Oct 18 I totally agree, I have been saying for some time that there is a need for greater support for mature students.
Joanna Wilkinson
10:10pm on 22 Oct 18 Would be fab x
Joanna Dunn
10:37pm on 22 Oct 18 Absolutely agree!
Heather Leonard
9:27pm on 23 Oct 18 Yes definitely agree with this! Or if there is one already, GET THEM TO MAKE THEMSELVES KNOWN!
Annaline Jones
9:46pm on 23 Oct 18 Hi everyone thanks for voting and commenting. I am meeting with Abbey your union president to discuss creation of the role this week.
Lindsay Rothery
10:35pm on 24 Oct 18 Fab idea!
Carla Fletcher
6:42pm on 30 Oct 18 100% agree with this!