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    Creative expressive therapies name change to Creative arts, health and wellbeing.

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    As people on this course already know the name Creative expressive therapies is changing to Creative arts, health and wellbeing for all new students enrolling next September. This proposal promotes the module content. The second year students were given the opportunity to vote but unfortunately 100% of students in each year had to vote 'yes' for the name to be changed for us. Please vote for the policy on voting to be changed to majority rules.
Evie Szpuk
5:07pm on 12 Dec 18 If not a majority rules, at least an appeal for the people who want the new name
Caroline Irwin
6:19pm on 12 Dec 18 We need this name change for our future career prospects. We need the appeal.
Bea Lliteras Bogunovic
11:10pm on 12 Dec 18 Even though I’m no longer on the course I do think it will be the best for everyone as it will show employers the willingness you have for change and it will show more of a credible course on your degree