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    Change the University's Transgender Policy.

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    Per the 2010 Equality act, an individual in the process of transitioning has a right to have their name and gender markers changed per their request at any company, organisation or group. This does not require a change of name via deed poll or diagnosis of gender dysphoria. The University have repeatedly refused students this right justifying that their degree certificate will have their birth name listed and so it is not worth allowing a change to a students record. This must Change!
Robert Ellett
4:59pm on 11 Mar 19 Students have every right to expect that the university and the union provides an environment and delivers services that are at least at the level of meeting legal obligations and it's reasonable that services should be provided well in excess of these absolute minimums. It's almost like entering a time warp and stepping back many years, when you encouter UoD, as well as the union, where they seemingly have an attitude of expecting others to put up and shut up. It's not good enough of course. Our transgendered friends should not be expected to have to justify such minimal and essential improvements to these organisations, pushing them to be brought kicking and screaming into the modern world. Indiffererence to minority needs is indifference to the wellbeing of everyone.