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    Discounted items for PTO's and representatives

    • Representation
    This is to mainly give more benefit to those who help with the union but also more accessibility to the Kedleston road campus as parking is very expensive and we may only be there for a few hours. Also a small discount at blends will help encourage more reps and PTO's to come forward and interact more with the other campuses. (please see my idea about a blends cafe at Markeaton street)
Jo Edwards
1:10am on 13 Oct 19 Disagree, why should a discounted coffee encourage them to interact with those who elected them!
Dave Lochtie
9:37am on 16 Oct 19 We want to encourage more links between sites and if the idea is popular we could push the university for parking... but the usual response is that it's a 12 minute walk and the busses are free (and potentially better for the environment) so we might struggle. If PTOs want to organise events for their reps we can give you money for refreshments e.g. https://www.facebook.com/events/698411920663135/ If getting a Blends at MS is popular this may be more possible at that building https://www.derbyunion.co.uk/change/ideas/?idea=368#idea368
Seb Piper
12:08pm on 29 Oct 19 this has been interpenetrated wrong mainly due to my lack of explanation. this was an idea to help get more reps involved.