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    Freedom for Society Posters

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    Within the past two years the means in which a society can promote their events has shrivelled up. Before you could put posters with US branding in elevators, on the learning curve, on the wall in blends etc. Now, none of these locations are available. The Union wants societies to stand out but are constantly restricting their means of promotion. Currently the only areas a society can promote their events in the real world is info point and several ill placed cork boards this is not enough.
Joanna Lewis
10:51am on 11 Nov 19 This is definitely something I'm going to be working on, with VP Activities. Societies aren't just about finding a new hobby and making a new friend, they can provide perfect opportunities for learning new skills and promote positive well-being. Students should be given the chance to see the activities and events on offer around the University. Watch this space!