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    Events run by Students for Students. An easier way?

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    Would it be possible to create a system which allows students to create and host one-off events, without having to be part of a society or sports team? From my position, I've seen students apply to become a society, and turned down on the grounds that they are not sustainable. This is due to interest to host one specific event. My idea is to create a system which allows students to pitch an event idea to then be run by them, with the support of the union. \/ I'll explain below. \/
Adam Lipinski
3:54pm on 19 Nov 19 The process could be similar to how to form a society. 1) A small group of students need to come together to say they can host the event. 2) The students must prove that there is interest in the event by collecting names and student numbers. 3) The students fill out a form saying who they are, what the event is, how they will run the event, and who is interested. 4) The union can then discuss and offer ways to make the event more viable. 5) If needs be the students can pitch to get a small amount of money if they can prove the union will at least break even. 6) Once all approved the students can go ahead and make this one-off event. From there they can decide to form a society or leave the event there and move on with their uni careers.
Adam Lipinski
3:57pm on 19 Nov 19 The events that could be possible with this system include. ~trashtag event ~Charity awareness events ~Unique tournaments ~Performances from student bands I realise some events could potentially conflict with existing societies and sports teams but it could also be an opportunity for said societies to find new members. Please do discuss below any shortcomings or benefits of this idea.