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    Improving course rep representation and recognition of reps going above and beyond.

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    Setting up Annonymous feedback forms for reps (like module feedback) Ensures everyone knows who their rep is/has one and enables representation standards for all students to be equal, allowing all voices to be heard. Reps recieve evidence of their good work that they can use  to increase employability. Gives opportunity for reps going above and beyond to be recognised. Enables both students and reps alike to gain a greater understanding of what their rep should be doing.
Jake Mander
10:52pm on 26 Mar 21 A great idea. Having been one myself, I found it was very difficult at the end of the year to walk away and gauge how to improve and get more people engaged with their module. Anonymous feedback would be a great way to figure out how to be a better rep for the students you represent moving forward.