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    International men's day

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    On UDO, i always see things advertised like LGBTQ+ month or black history month or recently international women's day. I have never seen advertised on UDO an international men's day and i feel it's an important day for us to get together to discuss mental health issues /su!c!de prevention but also a safe day for male victims of abuse to share their experiences This is NOT to invalidate international women's day
Jake Mander
10:49pm on 26 Mar 21 I definitely agree there should be an annual day in the union's calendar (if there isn't already, please correct me if I'm missing something) to bring men on campus together and discuss the topics you have discussed and generally promote being healthy, happy, motivated and driven to do good for all. I don't think such an event would invalidate any of the other celebration's the university quite rightly has, but then again, I don't think it's currently the right time to be asking for such an event in light of the current concerns regarding women's safety. I also don't think "International Men's Day" promotes the right message. But saying that, In future, I think it's important that the union should encourage men to be proud of who they are, and encourage them to look after themselves and others. In the current age, I think a lot of men are becoming resentful, nihilistic and destructive to themselves and others because they lack the role models to look up to and spaces to freely and openly vent their frustrations and discuss what's on their mind. Encouraging men to be positive about themselves is good for both themselves and society as a whole and should be actively encouraged on campus.
Megan Frost
3:39pm on 19 May 21 international man’s day IS everyday