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    Car parking on Kedlestone road campus

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    If the car park isn’t full after 4pm why not allow students to use it? From a public safety and community courtesy point of view it makes sense. I have contacted Derby council and they say it’s not them?? Who made the decision?
Kimberley Armstrong
10:57am on 23 Nov 21 This is a no brainer really. If the carpark is emptying out by this time. Let the students use it. Shouldn't need the votes to be fair. People are in class till 9 pm. And others work at uni till late.
Megan Wild
6:21pm on 23 Nov 21 I completely agree. Parking on the streets, or down in Markeaton, isn't comfortable at the best of times; even less-so in the winter evenings - especially with many of us opting to walk as to avoid crowded enclosed spaces.
Brett Marriott
8:57pm on 8 Dec 21 *Student Officer Postgraduate Taught* It is my understanding that Derby City Council are running the parking at Kedlestone Road. If this is the case I am pretty sure that we won't be able to adjust the fee free times.
Karen Wormleighton
10:03am on 9 Dec 21 Derby council say it’s not them. Derby university don’t know who made this decision, or who is responsible for the car park on their campus? Seems odd.
Samantha Greaves
9:56am on 11 Mar 22 I thought students were able to park there after 4pm. I have 5-8 lectures and use the KR car park....