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    Cultural Food Festival twice a year at the University of Derby!

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    Picture seeing a massive marquee with music and plenty of food stalls to choose from! In support of 'Culture Derby 2025', this cultural food festival would be a great way to help promote local businesses whilst celebrating the diversity of students and staff from European, African, Caribbean, Asian, Chinese, Indian and other cultures! Would you like to see this happen? Please give this idea a UP vote and help to give Derby University a unique edge in celebrating its cultural diversity!
Sarah Hassan
8:50pm on 11 Jan 22 I love this idea! It sounds great and I know loads of people would love it too!
Efejiro Lawani
11:33am on 13 Jan 22 This is a great idea??
Odreika McLean
12:01pm on 13 Jan 22 Hi Efejiro, The purpose of this idea is to help to promote the visibility of different cultures at Derby University and promote a sense of belonging particularly for minority ethnic students.
Georgia Gyles
4pm on 13 Jan 22 Now this is a great idea. Love it
Pam Zuva Gondoro
3:32am on 20 Jan 22 This a brilliant idea
Boitumelo Kekana
12:07pm on 20 Jan 22 This is brilliant especially as we haven't had much opportunity to engage outside the classroom. Good luck!
Samantha Richards
7:02pm on 26 Jan 22 This would be a great idea.
Joseph Webster
11:21am on 27 Jan 22 Their used to be an international food festival (pre-covid), if I'm remembering correctly. I think Covid has stopped all of these types of events due to the risk of an outbreak :(
Odreika McLean
12:14pm on 27 Jan 22 Hi Joseph, Thank you for your comment. The general expectation is that any covid restrictions that are in place would be followed. If this is something that the university is already familiar with hosting, that is even better! :)
Laura Cocking
3:50pm on 4 Mar 22 Great idea!
Ian Danton
11:08am on 14 Mar 22 Love this idea, especially where it can take place with the support of local businesses. As you mention the sense of belonging is so important, and food is common to all. Great initiative!
Alexandra Mazilu
8:43pm on 30 Mar 22 Voted! Looking forward to seeing the idea become real and share my culture with other people as well :)