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    Better look out in the library at KR

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    The library at KR is set into 3 section (silent, quiet and loud), numerous times I have settled to do work in silent and quiet zones to concentrate and people (students I assume) are playing videos, talking loud, laughing, talking to each other across the library, speaking on the phone. I don't think it's fair at all for students trying to work and concentrate.
Debbie Pickard
9:42pm on 15 May 22 I had to move from a quiet zone recently as there was a guy doing a video call, and then 2 groups of noisy students who turned up. Go to the discussion zone if you want to chat! Also, the layout of the library could be improved…as they’ve got a silent zone on the upper ground floor right behind 4 study rooms which are group study rooms with no soundproofing! The original library culture of silence/whispering throughout should seriously be considered, apart from perhaps the lower ground floor being a discussion zone. However, due to the open stairs, the noise travels throughout the whole library!