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    Subway: too good to go

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    After buying a subway for lunch, I asked what happens to the bread at the end of the day, their response was that it is all thrown away. There is substantial amount of bread and fillings thrown away each day when it has not been sold. Would it not be possible to pack up bags of bread, make the classic subs with left over fillings and offer these for staff and students to take at the end of the day. Or donate these to charities in the area.
Jade Smith
1:59pm on 14 Jan 22 I assumed that they did something with the left overs, can’t believe they throw it all away ??
Alexander Flower
2:05pm on 14 Jan 22 What a waste.
Luke Froch
2:07pm on 14 Jan 22 I’m sure something could be done that’s less of a waste and can help others?
Kanayo Ike-Johnson
2:25pm on 14 Jan 22 More needs to be done on this issue. Displeased to say the least.
Beth Drury
3:27pm on 14 Jan 22 It seems a shame and a waste for the remaining to be thrown away. I think it would be a good idea to do this, to prevent waste and give left overs to staff/students or people in the community.
Laura Oliver
8:02pm on 16 Jan 22 I agree. It is such a shame that food is being wasted where it could be spared and used differently.
Debbie Pickard
9:37pm on 15 May 22 Olio or TooGoodToGo would be brilliant options for this!