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    No online lectures

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    Having to pay for our face to face university course in counselling and psychotherapy, paying a premium. We should not be seeing online lectures. As from the 7th February my classmates and myself have a afternoon of lecture that are online.
Samantha Ashcroft
6:32pm on 17 Jan 22 I find it can be difficult to stay engaged with some online lectures, the thought of learning online worries me.
Viviana Basile
noon on 18 Jan 22 I am disappointed to attend online lectures as I have paid for a face to face study course and I struggle to learn and engage online. I am worried that this will have an impact on my academic performance.
Sunny Walker
8:13pm on 25 Jan 22 Having been through all the online studies last year on lockdown and all the mix-up I that happened that I ended up having to re-do the year again, I can honestly say I'm not looking forward to going through all that again. I agree with my fellow students, online studies is not what we are paying for.