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    module information before semester starts.

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    Lets vote to receive our module handbooks and any essential reading before semester starts. I hate that when a new semester starts we are confronted with all this information that we could of read through while we were, off the weeks before a new semester starts.
Helen Ashley
12:23pm on 17 Jan 22 I agree. It would mean I could start to plan my time and read through the module handbook before other reading took over.
Carrie Cluskey
12:40pm on 17 Jan 22 Thank you Helen
Viviana Basile
12:03pm on 18 Jan 22 I agree! This is actually really important considering that we are off for several weeks and I could have started with my reading for the next modules and arrange a study plan.
Sunny Walker
8:06pm on 25 Jan 22 I agree, it would make life easier for everyone.
Robyn Fretwell
2:36pm on 27 Jan 22 Things such as module handbooks should be up weeks before we start the semester. So students actually know what they are going to learn
Debbie Pickard
9:36pm on 15 May 22 100% agree with this!
Zoe Bird
12:14pm on 9 Jun 22 Absolutely - my executive function is extremely poor, and having access to at least the module handbook would really help me to manage my disorganisation and hopefully avoid spending the first few weeks of the semester as a flailing octopus of panic.