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    Module for disabilities

    • societies
    • Wellbeing
    • Facilities
    • Activities
    • Education
    • Events
    • Opportunities
    • Resources
    • Seating
    • Environment and Sustainability
    • Accessibility
    • Representation
    • Advice
    • Equality
    • Lectures and Lecturers
    • Religion and Faith
    • University Sites and Campuses
    There should be a optional module, just on the universities site, for students to take to learn about invisible disabilities and mental disabilites. Students need to learn about what invisible disabilities are and what they mean to other students/ People. I have an invisible disability and have been questioned when using a disabled toilet, which is my right as a disabled person. People need to realise just because you cannot see an illness or disability doesn't mean it is not there.
Harry Wood
12:20am on 28 Mar 22 https://google.com/