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    All lectures for all courses should be recorded. The camera aiming at the white board while the lecturer and students go through the slides. So if students miss some lectures they can catch up. Also all PowerPoint slides provided for students a week in advance, so students can go through the slides before the lecture to understand what is being taught. All tutors should have to do this for all classes.
Gregg Szirbuly
1:41pm on 20 Feb 22 I like and support that idea! This is also useful if You attended the lecture but would like to watch it later again to rewise or in case you missed or did not understand something. This would encourage the need to stop the lecturers in mid-speech to request them to repeat.
Robyn Fretwell
2:10pm on 20 Feb 22 I agree. All lectures should be recorded for students who didn't come in and others to refresh their memory. This should be compulsory for all courses.