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    Better Student Rep Visibility

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    If you are not at your course's rep election, or you happen to forget. The process to find out who your rep is and how to contact them can be laborious and dependent on very busy module leaders. There seem to be stop-gap solutions like mass emails. But it's clear that students don't like those, nor is it obvious to think to check their University email for Union information. Making a page like that for the Officers seems to me to be the most intuitive place to put it.
Rachel Tulloch
3:10pm on 25 May 22 Has anything been put on the VLC (or Blackboard) stating who reps are for each programme? Is there anything that can be put up under Staff/Who to contact sections? Is there an opportunity for your class rep to do a small hello video at the start of the module to show classmates who they are to contact? This could be repeated again halfway through the module to catch those late to enrol and then again at the end of the module to remind students who to contact prior to assessments?