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    Change U1 timing

    • Transport and Parking
    Specially in the morning always the bus is full. So we should have more buses coming in the morning at least.
Hiba Mohamed
7:22pm on 23 Feb 22 I agree, bus every 15 mins in the morning... it’s COLD!
Nour Abdou
11:02pm on 23 Feb 22 The Current U1 bus timings are causing unnecessary stress in the morning to make it to my 9 am's, having two buses pass by that are "full" is completely unfair after waking up early and walking to the bus stop on time. Had to pay for the other bus and run to my lecture. Not fun!
Paula Vivas Souza Carvalho
3:04pm on 16 May 22 I have missed several seminars because buses passing by my house are 'full'
Zaneta Musilova
12:38pm on 21 May 22 Joint Honours students have to travel from one campus to another midday when the buses go once an hour, so I'd say it should be more frequent even later than morning. It used to be every 10 mins the whole day before lockdown and it was working great for everyone back then
Christine Wright
7:42pm on 21 Aug 22 It is very difficult for all students getting the bus to and from uni, but it is especially difficult for disabled students with mobility issues. Having to wait around for buses because there are no spaces is horrible and very painful (physically) for some. They need to be more frequent like they were pre covid