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Jake Mander
2:31pm on 24 Feb 22 It’s terrible you witnessed hate speech on campus, and I agree that Derby should be doing everything it can to educate incoming students on what it’s value are and enforce them accordingly. However, with your idea I think you have to be careful as there’s a risk that you categorise every international student from targeted countries as a bigot which is both incorrect and discriminatory in itself. I’m more of the view that Derby should make more of an effort to get to know it’s applicants face to face and weed out bully’s at that stage, though wether or not that’s a practical or effective strategy I don’t know.
Neil Pennell
3:13pm on 10 Mar 22 How would this even work? What about LGBTQ+ students coming from such countries? Would they not be welcome?
Gregg Szirbuly
3:33pm on 11 Mar 22 You want to do something about hate speech: fine! But this post and its content and presentation is far from fine. I think the first commenter did a great job to sum it up for You patiently and in a nice way.
Charlotte Curd
10:10am on 19 Mar 22 I think this would just end up negatively impacting the potential students from these countries more than the intended point of cutting ties with these countries' leadership. I've also heard some hateful speech on the Unibuses regarding trans students, but you're going to get hateful speech in every walk of life - it's unavoidable sadly. I don't think this would be an effective way of getting the political point across that you're trying to and would just persecute the citizens of the country for the actions of their government. Also, what about students wanting to leave those countries because of how their government criminalises LGBT+ people? Worth thinking about.
Harry Wood
12:16am on 28 Mar 22 BASED
Taqi Hasan
9:59pm on 28 Mar 22 Based + ratio