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    Open Blends or Basecamp at weekends!

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    I've spoken to students that only study on weekends and they have never seen Blends up and running or even been able to get a coffee at Ked Road because everything is closed on weekends. In my experience, it also discourages students from using the library at weekends as they know they can't get a hot drink. Whenever the library is open, Blends should be too! Students need their coffee
Ella Dean
3:24pm on 5 May 22 As a student who likes the university when it is quite an option for an onsite coffee and toastie would be great!!!
Paula Vivas Souza Carvalho
2:59pm on 16 May 22 It would be great. I love to go to the library on weekends, having blends open would be a massive plus!