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    Bring back alcohol and bar food

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    Please bring back alcohol and the bar food to the new basecamp. Just budweiser is not good enough. Universities should have student bars. Also the food options now, flatbreads and jacket potatoes? Who's idea was that. Please bring back the burgers and chips and everything else.
Curtis Checkley
11:07pm on 11 Aug 22 Can’t agree more, every other university has a student bar and we’ve replaced our only one with a 3rd café?! Really takes away from the university experience.
Tristan Howard
3:16pm on 7 Sep 22 hilarious that it was students, who didn't want the bar, that had the place turned into basecamp in the 1st place. I'd agree with better food options, but since eat central is just through the side door and Base camp is more popular than the Bar originally was.