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    Tidy up UDO

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    I'd like to see the University tidy up the UDO system. At the moment it feels so untidy and unkept. It can be difficult to find items with the similar colour scheme across the board. So I'd like to see the following implemented into the system: 1. User choice of colours for each of them - and further expansion of the customised feature. - Such as the ability to make tiles larger. 2. Removal of un-needed bits. 3. A move away from the tile system.
Gregg Szirbuly
11:54am on 18 May 22 I fully agree with being able to customise it to your needs. Blackboard should be the same. Although I don`t think the tile system is bad, but perhaps if you had an option to change it, that might help.
Tristan Howard
3:10pm on 7 Sep 22 You can do that though, the only thing you can't do is change the colour or resize them.