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    Open day ridiculousness

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    Open days are a good way to attract new students and I am all for it, but the open days that are being set up almost every month at our university are plain out ridiculous! Not only are they a distraction to the lecture rooms and people trying to meet for a group project around the atrium but if I was a prospect student and saw this over the top set-up, I would not want to join this kind of a university where a stage and a clown show are their top priority.
Harry Wood
12:15am on 28 Mar 22 just ignore it lol
Daisy Giuliano
2:34pm on 31 Mar 22 I don't mind open days at the weekend as I understand it's something the university needs to do. However, over the past couple of months there have been a number of times where the campus has been really busy from schools visiting. It doesn't feel like consideration has been given to the current student experience whilst these visits are happening. As an example, there was a big event this month (not sure what for) where loads of schools were visiting. There was a full event set up with loud music, mic'd up presenters and lots of stands. In my opinion it made areas of the university inaccessible, the volume of it was disruptive and unecessary and the food outlets were unable to cope/cater for a normal lunch time. It also felt like no one was bothered about bringing that many people on site when covid was still spreading quickly and could be disruptive to learning/assessments. It made my day at university really unpleasant and I wanted to leave as soon as possible.