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    Open the Library 24/7 all year round

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    Many Universities have a 24/7 library and it seems like it is very helpful for people who are more productive during the evening
Tia Edgington
2:58pm on 5 Apr 22 Yes, especially for those who have different schedules
Chloe Mogford
12:58pm on 26 Apr 22 Most universities have 24 hour library services where staff are available for certain hours, for example between 8am-8pm, then the library is accessible to students but only through student cards in unsocial hours. Utilising the library is important for some students who cannot work from home or have assessments outside the exam period. Additionally, students using the library at this point of time usually do not need assistance as they are spending more time writing assessments.
Jedidiah Onuchi Obinna
8:48pm on 24 May 22 I couldnt agree more. I have just come to the library, hoping it will be 24 hours like last week, only to be informed that it it closes at 10:30. The evening times are my best thimes to study and prepare, but by not providing these, i am being excluded. Talk about *Inclusion*. I am so angry.
Anna Howell
4:35pm on 19 Jul 22 it would be a great idea for those who have anxiety or autism and like places really really quiet
Tristan Howard
3:07pm on 7 Sep 22 And who would staff it at 3am?
Samantha Richards
11:35am on 13 Sep 22 I think 24 hour opening times would be beneficial to all at peak times of the year, not all year round.
Zoe Hughes
3:52pm on 29 Sep 22 Would be safer for those students still needing to be careful to avoid covid and other viruses due to disability/chronic illness to be able to come in later in the evening when it's quieter