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    Free emergency Sanitary Pad available at reception and or halls

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    I saw that Condoms were given out free however I was surprised that sanitary pads and or sanitary tampons for emergencies aren't given or at least sold from anywhere I've seen. It would mean a lot if even saying a code name at the front desk and being silently passed sanitary products would be in place o put in bathrooms.
Nina Cupric
4:34pm on 8 Apr 22 The Union info point provides free and discreet sanitary pads and tampons, should they be required.
Alexandra Mazilu
10:20pm on 27 Apr 22 I think having them in the university's bathrooms would be a great idea :)
Samantha Richards
11:33am on 13 Sep 22 They did used to have them in the bathrooms in the university but I have not seen this for a while.