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    24 hour Library opening times

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    Library opening times should include more 24 hours period. The assignment period varies for many of us, including postgraduates, this should be considered and the libray left open for 24 hours for at least 2 months. Many of us rely on the library services. Also, as postgraduates who may be working as well as schooling, the evenings and night times are a big help for study times. I hope this is considered.
Samragi Madden
11:03am on 28 May 22 I agree and have found the 24 hour library opening to be of great use
Anna Howell
4:39pm on 19 Jul 22 The only problem with this is the buses as I don't think girls want to walk back to the city centre on there own at night,
Jo Peck
12:39pm on 6 Sep 22 Encouraging study throughout the night may have negative consequences for health, well-being and general life management.
Chloe Hopkin
10:52am on 10 Oct 22 This should be considered, or extended as this period ended before the majority of my assignments were due last year. With the buses, they do run all night you just have to call