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    Stop the ridiculous extension evidence requirements

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    Too many extension reasons require evidence that is far too personal or can be provided but more personal documents are wanted such as in the case of bereavement. A new way to accept extensions needs to be put in place as students with genuine reasons for extensions and EEC’s feel they are being forced to continue sitting in their emotional and traumatic contexts without compassion just to get an extension or EEC approved. Extensions/EEC’s should not be so hard to obtain we are only humans.
Charlotte Curd
1:02pm on 30 May 22 I've had personal experiences with this and I know how difficult this can be. If you are currently being supported by student wellbeing at the University I am aware that they can provide evidence for you to verify your situation as a part of your EEC application. This could be easier to get a hold of than having to dredge up GP paperwork etc. which can be emotionally draining and just a pain to get your hands on. Depending on your circumstances you can also attach screenshots of emails to and from lecturers as well to show you have been communicating with them regarding your situation. I wish you all the best with this. I think a specialised Extensions Support Team would be beneficial but I'm not sure how realistic this is with staff shortages etc.