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    Flexible attendance/option to attend lectures online when needed for disabled students

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    If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that the accommodations disabled people have previously been denied are possible when the rest of society has to work in this way. As your disabilities officer and being disabled myself, I’m aware that for various reasons, a person’s disability may make it difficult to attend lectures at times, and in these instances, they should be able to attend from home. (continued in comments)
Sophie Paul
5:32pm on 21 Jun 22 One idea for how this could be done is through using Collaborate in the same way that it was used during Covid, so that the lecture is available live online for those who need it. Attendance policies are inherently ableist, and accommodations to allow disabled students to attend remotely when it would be difficult to attend in person would help to remove barriers to access. I feel this could also be beneficial to other groups, such as student parents and carers. We should be using the pandemic as a learning opportunity, rather than being in a rush to go back to how things were before when we know that those things weren’t working for some people.
Robyn Fretwell
5:41pm on 23 Jun 22 Yes. I posted something similar a while ago. I have many disabilities and have been emailed and told off so many times for my attendance when it's not my fault I can't come in. The university needs to accommodate for people with disabilities and illneses.
Tristan Howard
2:45pm on 7 Sep 22 How would this be regulated? What is stopping the lazy students from not turning up to classes because they can just be online? I can see the benefit for those students who need such a system, but my concern is others abusing it.
Zoe Hughes
3:49pm on 29 Sep 22 As disabled students have a student support plan, this accommodation could and should be added to this to ensure they're not missing out (it's still not safe for those of us with certain disabilities to attend uni lectures as covid hasn't gone away and we're immunocompromised). This would ensure that only those students who genuinely need the accomodation get it. I'm sure other groups that need the accommodation such as student parents/carers, etc could get an accomodation put in place for them in agreement with their tutors.