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    improve Unibus timetable

    • Transport and Parking
    The Unibus is always too full. There is a great need for more buses or more frequent buses! Now all the students are back on campus there are too many students using the service at the same time, so there needs to be an improvement to the timetable!
Jannah Imran
12:49pm on 28 Sep 22 1) the bus timings in the morning for example aren't useful when you have a 9am lecture. I think the relevant department should do more research as to where students commute from and when they're trains get in. Most students commute from leic, notts, Sheffield and brum. When my train gets in at 08.30 and I have a 9am class I don't like waiting till 08.45 to get into uni late and walk into a room full of faces staring at you and it's not cost-effective to get a taxi every morning 4x a week especially when there's a free bus service 2) between 3-4 usually the U1 bus despite being a double-decker, you risk not getting on. Many times people are denied access at the door so it's 50/50 if you get on really, also not ideal when you have a train to catch and then refused to board the bus. In general, at this peak time there's a huge crowd of students waiting at the bus stop so it would be beneficial if there were more frequent buses at peak times OR priority given students who commute so NEED to get to the train station on time. Maybe commuter students could be issued with a special pass/sticker/colour 3) there should be an app to track live bus departures and arrivals so you know when the bus is delayed
Sumaiya Baten
8:04am on 29 Sep 22 We need more buses to accommodate more students being on campus, please.
Yumna Ismail
8:06am on 29 Sep 22 The unibuses used to go every 10 minutes. Now they come every half hour. Especially busy times 8-9am and 3-4pm it is much needed for students to get to lectures on time.
Zoe Hughes
3:47pm on 29 Sep 22 Disappointing after all the discussions last year the unibus situation still hasn't improved. This isn't just impacting on but penalising commuter and disabled students who rely on these buses but are often turned away due to them being too full. One double decker bus every thirty minutes was supposed to increase capacity but when single deckers were running every ten minutes, it's not difficult to see this hasn't been the case.
Izzy Blanchard
11:41am on 30 Sep 22 The buses are always overcrowded, meaning students in wheelchairs have no hope of fitting into the bus and have no other way to get to and from the uni short of relying on friends and family or paying for a taxi.
Carrie Cluskey
10:59am on 13 Oct 22 I think as the commutes Officer at the university of derby, the U1 bus at the time 18:10 and 18:25, need attention, with the 18:10 leaving 5 minutes early and the top level empty and the 18:25 either driving past students or not stopping.
Carrie Cluskey
11:27am on 13 Oct 22 officer.commuters@derbyunion.co.uk
Lisa Neale
3:17pm on 18 Oct 22 Even every 15 or 20 minutes would be an improvement. Every half hour is not meeting requirements. I have seen students who use wheelchairs left at the stop because it is too full. I have seen students sitting on the staircase to the upper deck which cannot be safe. The Unibus was excellent in my 1st year when it was more frequent. Now it is not fit for purpose.
Cerys Ball
1:08pm on 24 Oct 22 I've been at the university for 5 years now, and remember when the buses where every 10 minutes. Now every day on my way to Ked Road, I am put in danger as the drivers consistently over pack the infrequent buses. The drivers push for more space to be created when there is simply no room. Today, I have really hurt my back being squashed between the 5 extra students who were crammed on, when we were already overflowing, and the students behind me who couldn't move further back. With seemingly more students joining the university every year, I find it ridiculous that the number of buses are declining. I asked where to complain and was directed to the Ideas Forum, for our safety I think these concerns need to be escalated sooner rather than later.
Nina Robinson
6:04pm on 20 Nov 22 Yes please do take note of this - every 10 minutes is what is expected - every 30 minutes is a joke, this MUST be a top priority to ensure this service is more frequent - what pressure is being applied to improve this dismal service???
Jannah Imran
12:53pm on 3 Mar 23 ahh well lads, 6 months on and 25+ votes and still shitty buses
Veronika Geier
1:04pm on 3 Mar 23 I was thinking the same thing! And still no action or reaction from the Student Union...