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    Buses are awful

    • Transport and Parking
    I know this is already posted but something needs to be done, the buses are horrendous, I just waited for a bus, stuck my hand out and it drove straight past me, was late too, it didn’t have the full sign. Buses are too far apart too. often times im usually jammed into other students, or in an unsafe part of the bus. I see student standing on the steps just so they don’t have to wait ages for the next one. It’s awful.
Anna Howell
1:54pm on 11 Nov 22 I agree with you, the bus are awful and can be horrendous, yes we have new buses, but we need more buses as busier times of the day, as they cram as many people on board as they can because the buses do not run that often at times and people don't want to wait for get a different bus and walk the rest of the way, it is also very unsafe and some people who are in wheelchairs are finding it hard to get on the bus as they can't get there wheelchair on the bus. It need to be sorted out before someone goes through the buses windscreen.
Carrie Cluskey
1:59pm on 16 Nov 22 I agree and have brought this to the managements attention. I am the commute officer.
Sophie Martin
11:25am on 23 Dec 22 100%. I repeatedly emailed last year about the buses being infrequent, too cramped on both the U1 and U2 and unsafe. Nothing was ever done and I received the same response every time. The fact they come every hour during the day when some lectures finish at half past the hour and you have to wait another hour to get home is ridiculous when the drivers just sit around and do nothing in between those times. It's extremely frustrating when they are full and some people that need the space e.g., less mobile cannot get on due to it being full, especially in the cold weather.