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    Halal Hot Food

    • Wellbeing
    • Food and Drink
    • Equality
    • Religion and Faith
    The University has an extensive list of Muslims who adhere to the food ethics as prescribed by their religion and yet there is not any fresh Halal food that caters for their need. There are vegetarian and vegan options available, but this still does not meet their dietary requirements. The options at University is very limited to a choice of 2 or 3 cold sandwiches. As a University that holds a multi-faith centre, it it should uphold the need of all faiths.
Aliyu Aminu Baba
11:17am on 14 Nov 22 It is good and inclusive idea. You have my support
David Durie
11:18am on 14 Nov 22 Great idea. Hope it comes off.
Nofisat Ayantola
11:20am on 14 Nov 22 I support this!! The university has a huge number of muslims but very little halal options.
Ibrahim Randera
12:01pm on 14 Nov 22 I vote for this
Eliza Khawaja
3pm on 14 Nov 22 I support this
Ifza Shakoor
3:26pm on 14 Nov 22 It would be amazing if we had more halal options
Farzeen Heesambee
5:51pm on 14 Nov 22 Being able to socialise during lunch over some hot food will be great!It is a shame sometimes Uni offer it but it is not signposted. With having so many Muslim students and campuses away from the more multi-cultural parts of town, you would expect more.
Yetunde Everard-Igweh
4:38pm on 16 Nov 22 I vote for this. The University needs a lot more Halal options for students as well as staffs.
Nina Robinson
6:01pm on 20 Nov 22 Yes to more halal options - given the diverse student body and the numbers of students who eat halal then it is important that the university caterers are chosen to serve for all students. Of course non halal eaters can eat halal so I'm not sure why this has not already been implemented.
Owen Marques
1:23pm on 13 Feb 23 Thank you for all your responses and engagement with this idea. Rest assured we have been working behind the scenes to scope out every possibility with the University.
Nicola Lambert
10:38am on 27 Mar 23 This is so important. Making sure that there are options for all is essential to make UoD inclusive and welcoming to all its students