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    Student wellbeing

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    Waiting times for Student wellbeing are longer than stated, students are either not getting a reply or waiting 2 weeks + This is causing harm to students learning and wellbeing. Follow up calls are only 15 mins and even then students have stated they don't care. Students have also said going to student wellbeing is a waste of time which students wellbeing post covid is a huge concern.
Tristan Howard
9:18am on 14 Dec 22 I haven't been seen by anyone for almost 3 months, and I have raised this with wellbeing already, then heard nothing from them for over a month.
Bel Copsey
12:24pm on 6 Mar 23 Adding to this, I've tried to contact student wellbeing before and was essentially told "we don't have time for you" and was told to talk to my GP instead. Yes, they offered an alternative, but this has put me off contacting them again, should I need to because I don't want to be brushed off like that again.
Callum Young
1:16pm on 14 Mar 23 I have spoken to student wellbeing and they have stated that they can only apologise for the backlog. They have been understaffed for the first 5 months of this academic year. They are trying their best to catch up with the backlog, but if you are struggling I would recommend going to see them in person they are located in B block. Alternatively, and I understand this isn't ideal. I would recommend going to your local GP if you are struggling with any mental health-related issues or getting in contact with a charity. I'm sorry if this hasn't helped or answered the question, but the only thing I have is that wellbeing are trying their best to recover from a poor start of the year.