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    The 9am-9pm schedule

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    Timetabling is often an issue at the uni, specifically to do with late lectures. As the evenings draw darker, it can be daunting to use public transport late at night, as well as the dip in energy levels of finishing at 8pm. This can also be a strain to Lecturers teaching at this time. It should therefore be considered by the university to reduce the 9am to 9pm schedule to an earlier finish time where possible.
Rebecca Allison
5:18pm on 26 Nov 22 These late sessions also don't take into consideration those who may have caring responsibilities. I've been lucky so far but if I were assigned an evening lecture I would not be able to source childcare for it.
Alexandra Mazilu
10:56am on 20 Mar 23 Hi. Thank you for putting the idea forward and for everyone engaging with it. I will speak with university staff members about it and come back with a response when I receive one :)