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    Through popular demand requesting more uni buses, especially at the busier times. So can we please get more uni buses, especially now, on dark nights and feeling unsafe? Stop waiting around in the dark and feeling scared. Also, for those buses who d not stop for some reason or another, knowing another one is due will ease the level of stress and worry, especially if you are catching a connecting bus or train.
Helen Ashley
8:28pm on 20 Nov 22 100% agree this would help, especially at busy times.
Callum Young
11:02am on 24 Nov 22 As much as I agree with adding more buses at busier times I do need to say that more buses increases our Co2 footprint which goes against the universities goal of reducing that. I have had talks with the university about having more regular buses. Still, we are getting pushbacks as the university doesn't own the buses but instead hires them through an external company which has suggested that providing the university with more buses around busy times such as 8:00-10:00 am and 17:00-19:00 pm is proving difficult as they only have some many buses. A lot of issues come with adding more buses to the routes. We are working hard to deliver more and push the university but as suggested there are a lot of ethical issues that come with this. I am happy to discuss this more via email or a meeting.
Bethany Scrimshaw
10:21am on 6 Dec 22 There’s no bus from agard street into town. I do theatre arts and study at derby theatre and I am disabled and so I often need to get a taxi.
Anna Howell
1:32pm on 22 Dec 22 Bethany, the U1 goes into the City Centre from Agard Street it stops just outside the pub - hope this helps