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    Consent module

    • Wellbeing
    • Equality
    I was wondering if you would like to see a mandatory consent module to be delivered at the start of the academic year by the university. Failure to do such a module would result in students not being able to enrol at the university, It would also allow the university to withdraw students who break the agreement. This is in an attempt to improve student safety and attempt to reduce sexual violence. This is already being implemented at Coventry and a few other Universities.
Rebecca Huston
12:54am on 13 Dec 22 By making a module like that mandatory you will force survivors to acknowledge and possibly relive their experience regardless of if they are ready to do so.
Callum Young
9:52am on 13 Dec 22 Yeah I see your point, to combat this there would be an opt-out option. No evidence or explanation would be needed. But I can understand the pushback, in retrospect in trying to do more good, we could actually be doing more harm. I appreciate your feedback on this
Debbie Pickard
3:34pm on 27 Jan 23 I feel that this kind of module isn't suited to the mature students who are married/settled with a long-term partner. Making it mandatory is not something I would appreciate. It was part of our induction this year and it felt like a pointless exercise for someone in my age group (40+). I can see how it is useful for the 18-20 year olds leaving home for the first time, but I do also agree with Rebecca's comment above.