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    More healthy alternatives within the shop

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    The meal deal snack option only consists of packets of crisps. This makes buying lunch difficult for students who want healthier alternatives, as the price of sandwiches is the same as buying the whole meal deal. The shop offers limited healthy options outside of the meal deal, however, they are often expensive. The only fruit available to buy is apples and bananas, which sometimes are sold out.
Debbie Pickard
3:35pm on 27 Jan 23 I agree. I often go looking for healthy options and am unable to find anything suitable. There is a lot of junk food! Fruit in the Eat Central is overpriced (grapes at over £2 for a small pot).
Samantha Greaves
8:40am on 9 Feb 23 I agree! Most food options are high in sugar and fruit expensive and limited. In addition, fruit could be placed where it can be seen, possibly when you walk into the shop to promote healthy eating.
Chloe Hopkin
12:22pm on 21 Apr 23 The snack option also includes loose fruit (bananas and apples). NUS decide on what is included in the meal deal, not management.