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    African Food at the school Canteen

    • Food and Drink
    I will suggest African Food to be sold at the school canteen, eg, jellof rice. Since we have many Africans on campus and also many has complained how they are always hungry at school because they can't find what they want to eat at the canteen. The school canteen can add this to their food Manu or employ African to make African Foods. I believe the canteen will make so much sales and Most Africans will be happy to go to school canteen and find what they want to eat. Thanks
Callum Young
12:19pm on 12 Dec 22 A message from the canteen provider "Obviously we try to please everyone best we can with how the menu is balanced, so having themes of African cuisine can’t be accommodated every day, as we have students from other counties study at the university also. We are looking at a concept being implemented which would be based around African cuisine for the new year, and I hope this will be well received by all.”
Joseph Akindele
3:51pm on 10 May 23 @Callum Young, you can never imagine how happy our international students, most especially those from African region will be if this great idea can come to reality. the benefits imbedded in this great idea is enormous if you look vividly.
Opeoluwa Esther Oyedeji
7:37am on 11 May 23 Having African food at the school is a good idea, some of us starve sometimes, because we are unable to eat the available foods and when will to buy it's end up in the bin or frequent visit to the toilet.
Eniafe Adodo
7:38am on 11 May 23 This is a nice idea. I support the idea.
Funke Abosede Oluwayinka
9:09am on 11 May 23 I support the idea, given the number of African students at the University of Derby.
Kikelomo Solomon-Ayeni
9:18am on 11 May 23 I think this is a good idea. Jollof rice, fried rice will be great and it will sell well.
Louisa Okeoghene Ejenavbo
9:40am on 11 May 23 If this is the one thing I can achieve before leaving UoD, I'd be very glad. I read @callum Young's response with the canteen's feedback and it is unsatisfactory. The feedback doesn't tell us what exactly they do to infuse African dishes in the menu or the types of African dishes they've successfully added. I eat at the canteen and there's no single African dish served. Just a few employees to make African dishes will stop us from starving in school when we have lectures an entire day. We are pleading and soliciting.
Yusuff Ademola Busari
10:14am on 11 May 23 African dishes would bring more comfort and involvement for African students
Jennifer Offei
10:29am on 11 May 23 Great idea! African dishes in the canteen will be superb. If nothing at all, the rice delicacies (Jollof rice, Friedrice) with chicken or beef sauces. We will feel much more at home and belong if some African foods are being served. I’ll look forward to seeing this idea manifest. That will put loads of smiles on our faces????.
Thankgod Akinwumi Ajuwape
10:48am on 11 May 23 Great idea!
Osahome Olaniyan
12:44pm on 11 May 23 Beautiful idea
Ejiro Akpokodje
1:10pm on 11 May 23 This will be a great Idea. We have so many African student in University of Derby and it will be a welcome development.
Tessy Adedigba
1:24pm on 11 May 23 Having African food at the canteen won’t be a bad idea since we have a Large number of African students!
Sekinat Abolade Majolagbe
2:23pm on 11 May 23 At least, introduce jollof rice and spicy chicken first, almost every one likes rice , even the European will like the taste and fall for it when introduced. Then you can now start all other African dishes little by little. Even, it will bring more sales for the canteen
Ivie Ugiagbe
4:56pm on 11 May 23 Very good idea
Alaba Innocent Omo-Ogun
11:49am on 12 May 23 Nice idea we will be looking forward in seeing such happen in the school
Cici Song
11:53am on 12 May 23 Nice idea!
Ismail Ayoola Bello
12:22pm on 12 May 23 Nice idea
Ojo Joel Adekola
12:36pm on 12 May 23 Nice idea
Ibrahim Babatunde Salami
12:43pm on 12 May 23 Lovely ideal
Henry Ehis Mokwuye
12:45pm on 12 May 23 Nice one
Chioma Olivia Okoh
12:48pm on 12 May 23 Lovely idea
Mary Temitope Makinde
1:19pm on 12 May 23 It would be great to have this. We have waited such a long time. Please kindly pass this bill. Not only for us, but for African students coming after us.
John Ehimen Esekhaigbe
1:25pm on 12 May 23 We really need this please. It is important that we have something like this for Africans.