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    Safe and well-lit walking route from University to Markeaton Park

    • Wellbeing
    • Environment and Sustainability
    • Accessibility
    • Equality
    • Transport and Parking
    • University Sites and Campuses
    Once you cross at the traffic lights outside Kedleston Road until you reach Markeaton Park's car park, there is no overhead lighting. This means there is little to no visibility walking through a wooded and secluded area during a time of year when it gets dark very early and there are less people about. Last term I took part in a self defence class designed for those walking alone through the park. It shouldn't come to this. The council and the university must work together to keep people safe!
Alice Rollinson
7:45pm on 28 Nov 22 I'll add that on this walk I counted 4 street lamps between uni and my car, not at a place you would like them like near the trees etc. but clumped together near the duck pond and craft village...
Sarah Strange
9:35pm on 28 Nov 22 I agree, the path from university through to markeaton car park is so dark from around 4pm. It doesn’t feel safe.
Callum Young
9:33am on 29 Nov 22 I agree with you on this. This is something I have been working on, initially, It was something I wanted to do between all of our sites. Markeaton seems an excellent place to start, I will raise this with the Union and the University .
Hayley Gregory
1:42pm on 30 Nov 22 I completely agree, additional lighting at the very least needs to be added for safety
Jayne Leverton
2:06pm on 30 Nov 22 Essential for student safety
Callum Young
1:07pm on 14 Mar 23 Hello, having spoken to the university this seems like an expensive and logistical nightmare. So as for the time being the university has said this can not happen as they do not own the land, this would be something the council would have to do. The union will liaise with the council to see what can be done.