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    Make the library permanently 24hrs.

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    Currently the library operates on a *roughly* 9-5 basis with two periods of changing to 24hrs per year (usually around exam times). My proposal is that the library (at least one, likely KR) should be permanently 24hrs including weekends. This will give students a place that is constantly open to study and work and will be especially useful for part time and degree apprenticeship students who work full time and need to work around that schedule.
Vicky Gresham-Varney
2:27pm on 28 Feb 23 I agree that the library could open for longer periods more often (for example 6am-10pm), but I have concerns that opening the library 24hrs is teaching students bad habits when it comes to working practices and it would have a significant effect on the library staff for what, I imagine, would be a small number of students.