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    Stricter rules for grade releases.

    • Assignments and Exams
    It's becoming more and more common that grades for both exams and assignments are being released late. If students have to put in the extra effort to submit their work by the deadline, how is it fair that the deadline for the release of results can be missed? It's unfair to students as they're often left in the dark about how they've done with very little communication, if any, to inform us about when the grades are to be released.
Ben Marler
1:37pm on 22 Feb 23 Unfortunately, this is likely to be something the Union can do much on this as there are a number of factors behind this that the Union has little or no influence in, such as: 1) During strike action, academic and professional university staff can also take whats known as "action short of strike, " including an assessment marking boycott. A lot of staff at the University will be doing this (more than just those who strike) and will mean that grading will be slower. This also includes internal and external moderators too. This is a right, afforded by the law, and is not something the University nor the Union can change. With the amount of time staff have been on strike so far is likely why a lot of students have had grades delayed. 2) Outside of strike actions, the number of assessments staff have to mark has increased than they had 5 years ago (this also includes moderators too) yet the number of staff hasn't increased nor has the time allowing for marking been expanded. This also adds a delay, and whilst the Union could try to influence staff numbers/grading times, they can't influence the number of moderators as they are external to the university. 3) Another factor is simply that staff and moderators are human and may have personal circumstances that delay their marking, such as illness or family problems. If you have a grade delayed, just send your lecturer an email and kindly ask about the delay as most of the time they'll be able to explain. Also, whilst as students we do have to put in a lot of work (I wouldn't say its extra effort), a majority of staff and moderators do as well.