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    Bring back the sports centre bus stop

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    • Transport and Parking
    Bring back the unibus stop outside the sports centre. I can see they used to have one but it has been covered up with plant pots to stop people from using it. Many people at the uni use the sports centre for sports or the gym so it would be convenient and may encourage people to use the sports centre more if the stop was just outside!!
Jack McGuinness
10:05am on 9 Oct 23 Hello, Thank you for putting forward your idea. I've contacted a member of the transport team and they have provided the following: "Sadly this was a fault in the design and construction of the sports centre and didn’t become a used bus stop.  Without the planters there it creates a significant health and safety risk as it encourages parking, then double parking and forces traffic into oncoming traffic in an already congested section of the driveway.  It is intended that this will be converted into roadway to allow the two lanes that enter the University to continue for longer after the entrance gatehouse to allows a more gradual merging of the traffic."