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    Community Pantry (Food bank)

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    With the cost of living crisis people, especially students, are struggling to buy simple necessities such as food and drinks. We would like to introduce a food bank to the university called The Community Pantry, utilising the space inside Heat and Eat. It will provide food items donated by students and local businesses. Students will have the opportunity to take what they need free of charge or leave a small donation to help keep it running.
Tracey Taylor
4:10pm on 15 Sep 23 I have had some discussions with the lovely incoming first years at the Chesterfield Campus today who would love to see this introduced at Chesterfield as well. I am completely on-board with that and will work hard to make that happen.
James Eames
4:52pm on 20 Sep 23 We've now identified a few areas at the St Helena campus that would work for this (the main one currently being to utilise the cupboards around the microwave in the Refectory) - once we have enough support, we can bring this to Space Management and confirm it!
Lisa Tuft
10:11am on 29 Sep 23 I think it would be a good idea to implement this in Kedleston Road too. A lot of students I know are really struggling and the Student Finance payments haven't risen in line with the cost of living at present.
Jack McGuinness
9:42am on 9 Oct 23 Hi Tracy, thank you for putting forward the idea. I will be taking this forward with the rest of the executive committee to discuss how and if this can be implemented. Once I have an update, I'll put up another comment.
Kaeda Hipkiss
12:05pm on 19 Oct 23 This is an awesome idea and after speaking to you at Kedleston Road today it is awesome to hear you will be running it in the summer to, as at the moment due to bursary issues, I am not sure what I will be doing about money in the summer, so the idea of being able to head to a campus and get some food is amazing.
Satinder Mann
3:35pm on 19 Oct 23 Brilliant idea !
Cecilia Moalafi
5:04pm on 19 Oct 23 Lovely idea. There are also kitchen utensils and dishes that are collecting dust in student accommodation which could be of use to other students. Maybe look into that too. ??
Ari Sterland
12:03pm on 6 Nov 23 Fabulous idea!
Jack McGuinness
2:36pm on 1 Mar 24 Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing well and had a great start to the new year. I wanted to provide some update on the idea. Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who campaigned for this idea. It was truly amazing to see the stalls in the atrium and to see you all talking to students about how it will benefit those in need. Secondly, it's my pleasure to announce that the community pantry is open. I've been working with the Interim Co-CEOs and the Advice Manager to review the spaces and found a location that allows the resources to go to those in need, whilst also providing the opportunity for the advice service to provide additional support, as we are fully aware of the additional effects students can experience from being unable to purchase supplies for themselves.