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    Seating at bus stops

    • Seating
    • Accessibility
    • Equality
    • Transport and Parking
    Provide seating at the KR bus stops for students with mobility issues.
Tracey Taylor
9:19am on 21 Sep 23 Fully support this idea, especially after seeing the queue for the buses at peak times.
Jodie Gregory
7:34pm on 26 Sep 23 I completely agree. This is a great idea! This will be very beneficial for students with mobility issues and disabilities.
Jack McGuinness
2:27pm on 1 Mar 24 Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing well and had a great start to the new year. I wanted to provide some updates on this idea. I've been meeting with the Interim Assistant Director of Estates and the Service Delivery Manager at the University of Derby to go through some ideas of how the seating will be implemented. Although I can't share the finer details at the moment, the ideas we are discussing are great. At the moment, we are looking at a short term solution to the problem and investigating longer solutions which will replace the short term solution when ready. On top of this, we are looking at an information piece to make other students aware of the students with disabilities and the priority seating in place on buses.
Rhian Finch
3:56pm on 5 Mar 24 This would be an amazing step towards the university's accessibility. As long as able-bodied students don't take advantage and not allow the people who NEED it to sit.