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    Revamp unibuses

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    The current state of the u1 route is shocking. People are being driven past every morning, and in the afternoon there is a queue up to the recolving doors. It's just not acceptable, when derby markets itself as providing free buses. Half the time I need to get the allestree so I'm not late for lessons. One bus every 30 minutes isn't enough, the queue grows to an insane length. There needs to either be an additional route, or more buses. Buses in the morning are full before they even reach town.
Jack McGuinness
10:03am on 9 Oct 23 Hello, Thank you for putting forward your idea. I've contacted a member of the transport team and have been provided the following: "The University has to carefully consider the impact bus services have on CO2 emissions and any increase in bus services would go against the University’s carbon reduction ambition.  The University is keen to develop and promote alternative sustainable travel facilities for healthier commuting around the campus, and we’re keen to announce today that we are working in partnership with Derby City Council to develop a sustainable travel hub at our Kedleston Road site which will increase the access to active travel facilities."